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An Attractive Entrance to House and Office

 Transforming a driveway to an attractive front garden for the home and office whilst maximising parking space.


Our Brief:  The existing driveway created a real barrier between the house and the main part of the garden.  However, they run their family design business from an office in the garden, for which they employ a few members of staff, so keeping or expanding the available parking was a premium consideration and the area had to be attractive for themselves and visiting clients…and then there was the two directional slope to contend with!


we proposed to make the area to be clean in the winter for visitors but soft and pretty enough to attract the family into the garden from the house.   To create softness and colour with no danger of mud we chose a traditional idea of large slabs of York Stone with gravel in-between, planting with Creeping Thymes, Alchemilla Mollis and Erigeron.  We continued this soft style of planting through the drystone wall which supports the different ground levels as well as a boundary between areas. By removing the existing border on the bank between the drive and the lawn we were able to create more parking space by double parking, as well as room to manoeuvre vehicles.  We used box hedging and standard Bay trees in pots to give the formality of a front garden and entrance to their business. 


Sadly the implementation of our plans has been put on hold due to personal family reasons of the client.  We are hoping to complete the project in 2016.


As well as scale dawings we also can produce CAD representations of our designs which we find really help our clients to better visualise our proposals and understand more precisely what their completed garden will look like.


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