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A Japanese Style Pond Garden

A hidden tranquil Japanese-inspired pond garden for enjoying an evening drink in the summer sun.


Our Brief: To transform an old parking area hidden from the house by yew hedging into a Japanese style garden with a small pond.  The owners wanted it to be very different to the rest of the garden so that it would be an unexpected surprise as one came through the gap in the hedge.


We took the idea of a small pond and blew it up into a big pond making it central to the garden.  The path around the pond is inspired by Japanese tea gardens with their journey to enlightenment, completing the circular walk with a bridge in front of the waterfall.  We wanted to give the feel of the pond being fed by a stream from the mountains and situating it opposite the seating area to provide a view in front of the evening sun.  Our Japanese inspired planting included 3 Cherry trees which the path passes through, Camellias, Bamboo, Pittosporums, Azaleas, Junipers and ‘islands’ of ground cover Sedums. 


This was a fabulous project to work on, the owners loved our ideas and supported us wholeheartedly throughout the entire project.


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