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The Garden Partners’ philosophy is to work in partnership with each other, the environment and the client to create not only a beautiful garden, but a garden that satisfies your needs and requirements.


Based in Farnham and St Margarets, Twickenham we work throughout the South and South East of England. Within that area we have worked with gardens of all shapes and sizes, from large rural gardens covering several acres to smaller urban plots. We get just as enthused designing a sleek modern urban garden, crafted with beautiful stone, lighting and minimalist architectural planting,as we do with large scale rural gardens where native species are chosen specifically to harmonise with the surrounding countryside and protect the local ecosystem.

 Being Horticulturists at heart we feel strongly about the environment. We aim for our gardens to attract insects and wildlife,  we do this with carefully selected planting to give both visual interest throughout the seasons, as well as flowers and nectar even in the coldest months. We use local and sustainable materials where possible. 

As well as designing gardens from scratch we use our design skills to rejuvenate part or parts of gardens, that for whatever reason, are not fulfilling your needs and looking their best.  This could just be a matter or a new fence, re-planting or updating the hard landscaping.

 Within our team we have experienced Horticulturists and Hard Landscapers to share their knowledge and transform your garden into the best it can be for you. By managing the whole project from start to finish, we aim to fulfil our goal to work skilfully, professionally and efficiently.  We believe this minimises stress for all, allowing the end result to be enjoyed by all of our Garden Partners.

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Please contact us to discuss your garden,
we offer an initial consultation and visit free of charge

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